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Contact a loan officer or apply online for a Fairport Fast Closing Mortgage and get closed in 30 days.*

Mortgage loans that meet the following criteria may be eligible to close in 30 days from application:
- Purchases or refinances
- Non-contingent deals
- Contracts written to close within 30 days
- Clear title

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Fill out a mortgage application online for a Fairport Fast Closing Mortgage. You'll be able to send, receive and sign most documents electronically and track the status of your application.

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Fairport Mortgage offices are conveniently located in Rochester and Buffalo. We’re with you through every step of the process, from pre-qualification to closing. Our loan specialists will take the time to understand your needs and help select the right mortgage for you.

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Our support doesn’t stop with the mortgage loan. Our licensed advisors shop multiple carriers to find you the best rate, and offer discounts for bundling and much more!

* In order to close within 30 days, it is necessary to have coordination between all parties including attorneys, seller and real estate agents. All requested documentation should be promptly submitted. Properties requiring repairs may not be eligible.  New construction loans are not eligible.



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